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Core Values

Safety - We depend on it. We truly care about the safety and well being of people and we always behave as safety leaders

People - People are the heart of our business

Integrity - We consistently do the right thing to achieve the best results

Relationships - We depend on healthy, mutually beneficial and goal oriented relationships with our customers and clients

Passion - We are passionate about protecting the lives of workers and the environment


We aim to inspire our Clients to adopt a proactive and disciplined approach to occupational health and safety and business continuity planning.

We believe that safety and continuity of operations is the responsibility of all, and responsible leadership must commit to embedding this into all operations.

We believe all workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses can be preventable and if they do occur they can provide immeasurable amounts of learning through fact-finding to ensure there are no recurrences.

We believe that all business impacts can be planned for with minimum organisational disruption to ensure "business as usual".


We believe that training and education is essential to provide all employees with the resources to work safely. Good safety training changes behaviour and creates a positive safety culture by putting people first.

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